Provoking the world.

Provoke is an innovative speaker series that showcases forward-thinking ideas. We host invitation-only speaker series events that are both mentally and visually provocative. A Provoke event is a one of a kind experience mixing science, tech, art and music.  All Provoke events are filmed and freely available to allow non-commercial users to share.  

Provoke also produces commercially sleek films targeting the influencer demographic: these use whatever conventional marketing attracts the biggest audience: iconic beauty, captivating action and smart comedy in order to pass along a meaningful message.

Provoke partners with leading edge companies and organizations to cross-promote with us to engage the international and local mix of young visionaries and tested veterans in the market. Already featured: Patron, Moods of Norway, Zing Vodka, Taheri Cosmetics, 41 Ocean private club, A Small World. 


Provoke was created in the faith that you are influenced most by unforgettable experiences which blow your mind, empower you to act, fill you with wonder. 

Both on the ground as an LA-influencer speaker series and an international movement of film and tech.

"Once we were so busy exploring and inventing, we hardly had time to write it all down. Mountains had to be climbed without iphones, oceans had to be chartered without nav systems.  Now, multi media means there is so much focus on documenting, recording, editing the experience, we sometimes lose sight of the purity of the experience itself".

The best moments in life are those which happen in real time. Face to face, be it with nature, another person, art, music, danger. Even with the Oculus R, nothing reverberates in our mind like time spent making real imprints on vision, smell, taste, sound. Things you think you knew inside out can be brought to light or changed by one experience with an illuminating element, usually someone showing you its opposite side. The "aha" moment,  what universities were supposed to do by bringing together the opposites.

Provoke likes to debate. We likes the banter that happens when smart people challenge each other. We like to push people that got by on their brains to do more, we like to motivate people that get by on their looks to be more: music, art, science, film and tech are the languages in which all of us can collaborate. We shape them and create them, if simply by being the "consumer".

But LA is the hub of cultural influence: we mediate film topics, enable you tube sensations and drive the underground subcultures of social conscience. We are the best, and we are the worst thing for the global state of mind.

By curating a meeting place of influencers in LA, Provoke hopes to charter new emerging waves in this influence. We bring speakers to spark the conversation and then, like all good conductors, we let magic take over itself.

TED unplugged meets THAT house party where everyone wore headbands and played cool games and you met the people you now call your best friends.

Being smart and stupid together. Learning. Banter. Eloquence. Serendipity.

Coming out of the cloud to bravely go into real face time with your fellow nomads.

There have been times when you wanted to dance, times when you wanted to challenge yourself, times when you wanted to find common ground, times where you wanted to lose yourself to play... Provoke aspires to give you a Roman Forum setting where you can do all of the above in one place.