Provoke 2 - Beauty & Brains

Lorena Sarbu, a celebrated couture designer features heavily on the red carpets in Hollywood and beyond: she also has a psychology major. Behind every design, lace detail and whimsical feather is the influence of a mind trained in behavioral textures and social study.

A cerebral sewing kit and color wheel is inspirational, both as a role model and especially in execution. Each 8-20k dress is like  a small piece of art, a theorem, a muse.

Stephanie Marinello, has a blog called "smart is sexy"; it features a lot of photographs of her dedicated to prompting the concept of intelligence enhancing beauty.

Speaking with smiles, Paris Dylan is a musician/actor who has just finished a tour with Andy Dick; his special skill for writing music on the fly created not only one of the funniest invitations for the event but an offical theme song for "talking to strangers". She took our audience through the process of recognizing our instinctive response to the allure of intelligence, introspect and a command of the art of conversation.

We seeded the pre-party with 5 of of the most poised and beautiful women you could meet in this city.

Then we did an in-house "runway with a voice" where each young woman was able to approach the microphone , introduce herself and her actual vocation (we have "urban gardener" in there in case you're wondering how far the degree of separation was from what you saw and what you heard).

Featured beauty and brains: Hallie Bird, Veronica Flores, Sara Colon, Zdenka Sutton and Jaime sae Koo.